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Falafel Feast caters for any type event, and apart from our delicious falafel we also offer a wide variety of mouth-watering Mediterranean and Middle Eastern dishes.

Each Falafel ball is freshly made, in front of your guests, by an experienced Falafel maker, and accompanied with a selection of dishes, salads, pitas, sauces, desserts and more!


All tastes and parties are catered for...from childrens’ birthdays to corporate events and you can choose from a variety of menus, and add canapés, deserts and drinks if you wish.

Falafel Feast owner and founder Simi Goldberg, is an Israeli of Iraqi origin.

She has lived in London since 1994 and is married with 2 children.

In Falafel Feast she combines her inherited knowledge of cooking from her mother and her love of entertaining.

"Until I got married and had children I worked as a dental nurse, but when I was able to go back to work I looked for something different.

I dabbled in property at first, but then the market changed and I kept my eye out for a new idea.

Four years ago I had a birthday party where I cooked falafel and served it in pita with all the trimmings. My friends loved my falafel. They said it was the best they’d ever had, and they all said I should go into business and do falafel parties!

I mulled over the idea for a few months. My husband encouraged me, and told me that as I’m a natural cook and entertainer, I should just go for it – so I did! I had a launch with over a hundred people, got my first booking from that, and it has just snowballed from there.

The trailer idea came from watching food programmes on TV. There was one about food trailers in New York, and I thought it was brilliant as I could take my kitchen anywhere and wouldn’t have to rely on the client’s kitchen space to work in. Clients also like it because it’s a feature for their party. I even get people passing by, seeing the trailer in the drive, and knocking on my door asking for falafel!"

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